up up and away!

Heya chippy!

got somethin' t'say?  

 flightbell said: :) I think I could help you with that.

please oh my fucking lord i can only manage cupcakes and brownies and sometimes you just want cake you know?

I need to learn how to bake a proper cake

man training little school teams is really entertaining but im s o o o o drained

I hid all my eggs. Some are hidden in your houses too B;)

 ass-wild said: Lori what are you doing laying eggs control yourself

Wild and crazy bird lifestyle, hun. I can’t be tamed/

(I already have planned out places to lay my eggs)

Anonymous said: Meeting a special someone?

Currently ? No right now I’m drinking white and blogging sorry to disappoint 

ass-wild said: A wild guess sounds like my kind of guess~ ;00000

Would you look at this wit on this one 

Anonymous said: Is lifting weights all you've been doing? ;)

Take a wild guess~~~ ;000

Anonymous said: What if you loved submarines instead of planes?

Dang I would have a crisis. Or maybe not I guess, if I never knew I loved planes to begin with 

I guess I would love submarines and swim rather than take to the skies? Seems fuckin weird as hell right now though